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The new Photo Imaging for your business


It’s still true, that “A picture can tell a thousand words”; the old adage is more relevant than ever in today’s instant multimedia world where effective cross channel visual communication is the key to improving YOUR sales.

iPad presentation for chocolate manufacturer

Here at Hunter Studios we pride ourselves on the ability to harness and exploit the new technology for the benefit of our clients. From bakers to bankers, food packagers to removal companies, ALL our clients have benefitted by using expertly shot professional imagery to greatly improve their sales – and you might just find it does the same for you.


At one time photographic imagery was limited to flyers and company brochures. These are of course still required, however the burgeoning nature of the internet and tablet-based presentations has opened up marketing opportunities hitherto unforeseen for most companies.

Summer fruits

Instead of relying solely on printed material, your company can now use vibrant professional imagery to exploit these new opportunities both for your online presence and via presentation packages for iPad, laptop and exhibition/ display.

Whether your clients are supermarket chains, multinationals, SME’s or retailers, your sales presentation has to count. Your clients minimum expectation today is a visually slick, focused and benefit based presentation where literally “A picture can tell a thousand words”. This is where we can help you reach more clients than ever before.

For example, Imagine your sales staff all equipped with an identical tablet presentation combining your branding with excellent imagery, and stylish copy in a neat, sophisticated iPad package guaranteeing a slick, branded “On Message” presentation for your clients…


Hunter Studios specialise in creating the branded visuals you need across ALL of your media to move your company sales firmly upwards in this challenging economic climate.

Our on-location photography means that we can come to you, wherever you are in the UK to fulfil your visual brief. Working either in tandem with your existing graphics or advertising agency or shooting to your personal requirements, our mission is simple, to increase your sales as effectively as possible. For a free appraisal of your imaging needs, please give us a ring today on 07713 740468 or email Alan at

Whether it is for web, print, presentation or exhibition let us create for you the very best cohesive visual solution across all of your marketing media to start improving your sales today!

A picture is worth a 1000 words